Voda Water

Bottle your Brand

So would you like to know us better?  

Voda Water is a full-service water branding company. Responding to the fascination with designer labels, branding and healthy lifestyle Janet Wangui Njeri founder and Director of VODA WATER launched into the mix early in 2014 with niche branded water, servicing exclusively the burgeoning market. VODA WATER recognized that a gap existed in the Kenyan market for private label bottled water. Encouraged by overseas research, we set about securing a premium supply chain and system. With a commitment to service this market, VODA WATER opened for business and launched the private branding.


Classy Wedding design

 Black and white says it all

Vicky & David's Wedding

We’ve had the pleasure of serving this classy couples 

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas

 Who said Christmas has to be boring 

Emily & Franks's mixed theme Wedding

 Why be ordinary when you can mix and match